Sessions are created and run by BiCon attendees. To run a session email

Want to run something but not feeling sure? Perhaps you can run it with a friend. Lots of workshops are run by pairs or teams, and it can take the pressure off. Not sure your idea fits? Email us and ask, and have a look at the list below for the sort of things we run. We rarely refuse an idea, and love the diversity of topics and activities we cover.

Workshops can be facilitated discussions, led discussions, activities, practical creative, talks and presentations, Q & As, safe spaces, social spaces… There is no set format. Whatever suits you best.

Most sessions will be 75 minutes long. Sessions of 35 minutes will also be running, for shorter workshops.

Confirmed for 2017 so far:

  • Survivors’ safe space
  • Morning meditation
  • Music improvisation
  • How to negotiate safer sex
  • Rope bondage 201 / rope jam
  • Naked lunch
  • Singing for mental happiness
  • Creative writing
  • Poetry reading
  • Poetry Writing
  • Board Games
  • Polyamory
  • Gender and Bisexuality
  • Non Binary safe space
  • A-Z of Bisexuality
  • You cant have your cake and eat it ( Book discussion)
  • Bisexuality and masculinity (trans/queer/feminist)
  • Quiet space
  • Spiritulist meditation
  • Please speak Queerly
  • Stand up comedy for Beginners
  • Bi rights in the workplace – Unison

Session ideas from previous BiCons

  • Fun and Games
  • Bi Parenting
  • Polyamory
  • Board games
  • Gender and bisexuality
  • Tea tasting
  • Bi men with women partners
  • Clothes swap
  • Bi’s of colour
  • Non-binary safe space
  • Bi bearology
  • Bi visibility in the workplace
  • The media and bisexuality
  • Disability and sex
  • Ace space
  • Active non-violence and radical pacifism
  • BDSM for beginners
  • Bi carers meet up
  • Performance poetry
  • Creative writing
  • Being out at work
  • Asexual spectrum
  • Dating neuroqueer women
  • Facets of body positivity
  • Older bi’s
  • Trans safe space
  • Fitting and misfitting in the bi community
  • Working class bi’s
  • Disability safe space
  • Rural bi’s
  • Body painting
  • Live action fictional speed dating