Children are welcome at BiCon. We consider anyone under the age of 16 during BiCon to be a child. Anyone who is 16 or older is considered independent and is allowed to attend sessions on their own.

Tickets: Children come to BiCon for free. You don’t need to book separately. Tell us about children you are bringing in the space provided on your booking form.

Accommodation: If your child needs a room of their own, please email to discuss rates.

Daytime Sessions: Children are welcome in sessions unless there is an age restriction posted in the session book. The session book also has contents notes detailing topics which you may feel are unsuitable.

Crèche: There will be a professionally-run crèche available during the day from 10am till 4pm. If you would like to use the crèche facility please let us know by the 10th of June 2017. This year the crèche will be run once again by Bluey and Baloo.

Evening entertainment: On Friday evening, before the main entertainment, we are holding a Children’s Disco: an hour of music and dancing designed with our younger attendees in mind.

We are happy children to join us for the rest of the evening entertainment, however certain aspects may not be so child-friendly, such as:

  • louder music
  • slightly risqué outfits (all within the code of conduct)
  • swearing, references to sex, and adult themes within the cabaret

Transporting children: for children who don’t transport themselves, please use a sling rather than buggy if you can. During the day,  bring buggies into the workshop room to keep the corridor clear. We can’t accommodate buggies in the evening spaces.

Breastfeeding is fine anywhere at any time.

Children must not be left unattended.  Make sure your kids are in the crèche or are with a suitable adult. Please do not ask BiCon team members to watch your children!

Please email with any questions about bringing children to BiCon.