It’s finished

It’s been a few days now since BiCon 2017 finished and I am finally awake enough to post an update here.


BiCon was an amazing weekend for many, it was not perfect but I don’t think any BiCon will ever be perfect for everyone.

We had around 370 attendees this year which is great, about 30% of the attendees were first timers and we had 264 people staying on campus in the Carnegie village.

At the end of the weekend, after the closing meeting and Raffle many of the attendees gathered outside the accommodation area for the annual BCN photo. This photo can be found here and there are many other great updates on BCN’s website from the weekend.


If you did not get a chance to fill out your feedback form during the weekend you can do it now and send it to


2017 feedback form

BiCon 2017 Equalities Form