Saturday update

Saturday morning update:

There have been lots of new sessions added to the timetable. To see the latest timetable visit the registration desk and ask to see the blue session guide or have a look at the timetables posted in the session building.

There is a notice board next to the the registration desk which has lots of notices on, you can add to this if you want. I will try and post photos of it during the day.

At lunch time today there will be a sharing picnic on the acre, there will be some food provided and you are welcome to bring more to share with others. This will be set up for when lunch starts….. Naked lunch will be held in the great hall again today.


It is really. Important to remember to look after yourself during bicon,  eating regularly and eating will help you enjoy the weekend better.  We have provided fruit and some cereal bars and biscuits and these can be found on a desk opposite our registration desk.  There is a coffee and tea machine in the games room which you can use to make yourself a hot drink.

The games room is located above the SU bar, please look after the games as they belong to other attendees. You can take games to the food court but they need to be returned to the room after.

General housekeeping: please can we try to use the bins provided across campus to help keep the place clean and tidy.
Fire evacuation point is on the acre and there are no fire alarms planned for today.
If you have accommodation please make sure you return all your kitchen pack stuff to the box clean. Anything that’s missing or broken we have to pay for.
At night time please try to not wake others up when walking past rooms.

The market will be open from 10am until 6pm today with different stalls than yesterday and MESMAC will be back today from 11am-3pm providing sexual health testing.

Set up for the beach ball starts at 5.30pm if you would like to help please meet outside the bar at 5.30 🙂 there’s lots of Inflatables that need inflating, things that need carrying around and things that need sticking up.

If you have any questions or concerns about anything at bicon please come and find a member of the team we are often around the registration desk and can be seen wearing a purple sash. The registration desk closes at 5.30pm today but you can contact us on the desk phone (number in your handbook and on the desk