BiCon is committed to making our materials and events accessible to as many people as we can. Particularly, we assure you we welcome people of all

  • ages (including children)
  • genders (including trans, fluid and non-binary identities)
  • sexualities (including fluid, asexual and kink-related identities)
  • nationalities, races and ethnicities
  • classes and economic means
  • religious identities and backgrounds (including a lack of religious identity)
  • dis/abilities, and states of physical and mental health
  • neurodivergences

As an organisation we strongly support causes of inclusion and equality. We endeavour to practice such principles ourselves within BiCon during the planning phase, and during BiCon weekend itself. If you experience any discrimination or sense of exclusion in any dealings with BiCon or at BiCon, please let us know. We want to know. It’s important. Email

If there is something specific we can do to make BiCon more accessible to you, please let us know. Leave a note for us on the space provided on your booking form, or email at any time.

Our venue is Leeds Beckett University Headingley campus. We hope to have a full access report soon. Here is the information we have in the meantime:

Physical access

There are dedicated accessible bedrooms, which are big and have a large en suite wetroom with shower seats, rails etc. Some also have carer rooms attached through a connecting door. Most of the other flats are also step-free, with lift access to every floor, and wetroom-style showers. Doorways of standard flats may be too narrow for a wheelchair or double-buggy. Please let us know if you would like a dedicated accessible room, and/or a carer room.

The rest of the buildings have ramps and lifts integrated, and outside spaces have dropped kerbs, raised crossings, and automatic doors.

Some workshops include games that may not be suitable for people with restricted mobility, but such games are short and do not form the majority of a session. All other sessions have accessible content.

Sensory access

If you want printouts of any slides or materials, please let us know before BiCon and we will try our best to get these from workshop organisers. If you’d like printouts on a particular colour, again, let us know. Asking during BiCon is probably too late.

Workshops are held in classrooms with no amplification. If you are a hearing aid user who would benefit from a portable T-loop, let us know. The large meetings (plenaries) are held in a lecture theatre with a PA system.

Language access

Workshops are conducted in English and our written materials are in English.

Casual British Sign Language support or interpretation is available at BiCon, and our signer (a team member) is happy to chat in BSL during breaks. If you would benefit from formal interpretation throughout BiCon, please let us know.

Gender access

Gendered toilets on campus will be repurposed as non-gendered.

Some workshops may be restricted to certain gender identities, eg women-only or trans people-only. This is to create spaces which are safe and conducive to the discussions taking place.

Financial access

BiCon has a range of tickets, each with a sliding-scale of prices, based on your annual income. We do not ask for any proof of income. If you feel that costs would stop you from joining us, please consider applying to the Access Fund. The Access Fund is used to support people on low incomes, and also people for whom coming to BiCon is more expensive, such as those who bring a carer.

Safe spaces

BiCon usually runs a few ‘safe space’ sessions that have no structure but are restricted to certain groups. In the past we have had safe spaces for:

  • People of colour
  • Neurodiverse people
  • Trans people

Religion and faith

BiCon usually runs a multi-faith session on Sunday morning. All sessions are run by our attendees, and will be finalised nearer the time.

Some of our evening entertainments take place in the student bar, where there will be alcohol on sale.


Children are welcome at BiCon. Tickets for children younger than 16 are free. There is a professionally-run crèche on Friday and Saturday from 10am – 4pm. Please email by the 10th June 2017 to book a place. Some workshops may be restricted to certain age groups. Some aspects of BiCon are designed to appeal particularly to children, including a short children’s disco on Friday evening. For more information about bringing children to BiCon, see our children page.

Food and drink

Sometimes we provide snacks! We will try our best to make sure that there’s vegan and gluten-free options, clearly labelled.

The food court is only open in the mornings, from 7am -10am. There are lots of options and should cover most restricted diets. See the food court website.

Some of our evening entertainments take place in the student bar, where there will be alcohol on sale.

The accommodation flats all have kitchens. See the accommodation page for details.

BiCon attendees often form groups for the purpose of going to local restaurants together. Look out for information at the desk.

It is acceptable to order take-away food to your BiCon flat. See the shops page for a list of local take-aways and restaurants.