The Team

This years team

This is a quick introduction to the team that are working to make this years Bicon happen.



Having been to 2 previous BiCons and reading that there was no team in place for this year’s, Rachel decided it would be something she would like to do. With the help of a great team Rachel is hoping to organise a great BiCon.


Jamie has been to 10 BiCons over the last 12 years, and has run the listening team several times. This year he is organising sessions and liaising with outside organisations.


Known to BiCon as a rainbow-haired action hero, after over a decade of attending Rach has finally stepped up to the team. Her day job is disability support and access, and she loves a well-written sign so naturally she is our Access Officer and Information Officer.


Katy is a long-term bi activist and event organiser, and also edited Purple Prose: Bisexuality in Britain. She’s organised balls and other ents for BiCon before, and is most well known for putting three hundred lions in a paddling pool. She has lots of ideas for this year!


[info coming soon!]